Monthly review: January 2015

Published on 12th February 2015. Written by Pete

To give a bit more insight into what's going on here at Moov2 we've decided to write a monthly update summarising what's been happening at the Moov2 machine.

Opening up

The year started with the whole team involved in an interesting meeting, led by Dan, explaining a bit more about the performance of the company. Dan outlined some ambituous goals for the coming year that the whole team were enthuasiastic about working hard to achieve.

Birthday Ben

Ben had a double celebration in early January, not only did he celebrate turning 29, he also celebrated completing his first year working at Moov2.

What a Birthday cake! #spoilt

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Client work wise the new year started off right from the get go. Deploying a new employee recognition feature for the Close Brothers intranet that was developed at the backend of last year. A new phase of work has kicked off for our long standing client ABRSM. We've been continuing our work on the Fable Legends website to get the site ready for Lionhead's big announcement at Microsoft's Windows 10 event that Fable Legends will be available on the PC aswell as the XBOX One. Internally, Lawrence has worked hard on improving how we handle support that will hopefully continue to be improved in the coming months.

HQ upgrades

One very exciting development this month is the renovation of our downstairs office space (previously ineffectively used as a massive storage space) to create a dedicated room for us to use for meetings and hosting events. Also the new sign for the front of the office has been printed and will be put up when the weather is warmer.


Dan announced an exciting event we are organising with support from Mike Taulty and Paul Lo of Microsoft. Kinecthack will be a weekend hackathon with Kinect for Windows v2 sensor hosted at Cardinal Place in London on the 21st March. 100 attendees have already pinched all the tickets, however some insider knowledge suggests there will be more tickets being announced, so make sure you've signed up to the waiting list.


The end of the month saw half the team attend our co-organised event, #hacksoton5. A great day with some exceptional projects created. Check out the full write up on the #hacksoton blog.